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Clairvoyant and spiritual healer
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About Me What Spiritual Healing involves
Royston Pritchard
I am a registered member of the Sussex Healers Association along with holding a diploma in holistic counselling and I'm currently studying colour healing. All humans have the same basic needs and wants, spiritual healing connects with our deepest and most important desires for happiness and peace within ourselves.
Recently I have been working as a healer helping those affected and infected by HIV and Aids. It is my intention to open my own holistic therapy centre combining alternative treatments. Spiritual healing is used to shift subtle energy patterns that may have become blocked through stress, repressed emotions or natural defence mechanisms. When any blockage of energy occurs this can create an imbalance
My intuitive ability has been with me all my life, however after working in the entertainment business for 20 years I now dedicate my time to helping and working with others. As the healer I attune myself to life's natural healing power and channel the Divine energies of spirit and direct it accordingly within the body to restore balance and clear any blockages. The channels are then open to allow the energies to flow.
The readings are done with 16th Century French cards, which were given to me.

The overall aim is to bring harmony to mind, body and spirit.

Contact Me What are the benefits What you need to know
Royston is available to give personal readings and healing. Anyone can benefit from healing who is looking for personal self-development and recognizes that health or illness can relate to the mind. Healing has a recorded history of working with man for thousands of years.
For further information please telephone:

07799 604 628

Or email:
After treatment:
  • A sense of well being
  • Confidence
  • Clarity that is uplifting and lasting
It is regardless of religion, just a belief and an open mind for the divine energy to work.
The body is self-healing and is helped with regular healing treatments. It is a holistic therapy, which compliments other therapies and does not interfere with medical treatments.